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I get a lot of questions on strollers.  If you want to bring one with you because you want to use it at the airport as there is a bit of a walk from the gate to ground transportation, this is my go to - The Chicco Lite Way Stroller.  I love this stroller.  I actually bought two of them, one for each kid because I loved it so much.  The reason I like this stroller is because it is very basic, there are no frills, but it is sturdy and durable and get's the job done.  When it's crowded in the parks, it's nice to have a small stroller that maneuvers well.  It does not have a ton of storage but to be honest, I wouldn't leave much in a stroller at the parks.  It's still a public place and people have had things stolen.  

If you do not need a stroller in the airport and around the resort I recommend renting in the park!  This is so simple and it allows you to avoid having to deal with it on the buses.  

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