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Top Ten Reasons to runDisney

  1. You see Disney property in a unique way. The races start bright and early which means that depending on your pace, you are running through areas of the parks before any guests arrive. And it’s pretty cool to run through some backstage areas to then pop out onto Main Street USA.

  2. Costumes. They are fun to wear and fun to see people’s creativity. There is about a 50/50 split of people who dress up and people who don’t so you can go either way but the costumes certainly add to the fun.

  3. The community of runners is really wonderful. It’s not a highly competitive race and there are runners of all different abilities. Its also very walker friendly. It’s one of the most supportive races I’ve ever done.

  4. The characters you meet along the way. Depending on what race you run (i.e. Disney Princess Half vs. Star Wars) you will see photo opportunities with a variety of characters.

  5. The food. There are plenty of fabulous restaurants for carbo loading. And, the food for recovery is endless. Moreover, there are also plenty of options for recovery drinks around the World Showcase at Epcot - Wines and beers from all over the world. Make sure you grab some water first.

  6. Walking the parks after the race is a great way to recover. What better way to take your mind off your sore muscles than to loosen them up by walking around the parks? And if you need a little break, Spaceship Earth or the Universe of Energy are nice long attractions to just sit and enjoy.

  7. You get to wear your medal around - for days. I’ve been to a few other races and after about an hour or two you don’t see many people with their medals on, not so at Disney! You’ll see people walking around the park for the rest of their vacation with their medals on. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and connect with your fellow runners.

  8. It has a great expo! It’s a large expo and the venders are fantastic. Of course there are lots of Disney specific running merchandise. New Balance typically puts out a couple of Disney inspired shoes too.

  9. There is fun entertainment through out the race. From the early morning dance party to the DJ’s to the characters, it all makes it a fun experience.

  10. It’s one more great reason to visit Disney! Need I say more?

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