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Ultimate Disney World Packing List 2018

Congratulations! You are going on a Walt Disney World® trip! It is so exciting to get ready for your trip, but maybe you’re a little overwhelmed by packing? Or maybe just plain excited. Either way, we’re here to help get you ready to go! Personally, my strategy is to start packing a month early with a “vacation pile.” This is where I pick a corner and start throwing things at my suitcase as I think of them. (My husband on the other hand, will pack his stuff for a week, a half-hour before we have to leave for the airport. Sometimes, I really envy his packing ability!).

Where do you start packing for a Disney World Trip? Here are some top packing tips:

1) It can get cool - Orlando can get chilly in the winter months. No matter what part of the country you’re coming from, once you’re there: a 75F day that drops down to 45F in the evening, could certainly feel cool. Be sure to pack a pair of jeans & a hoodie to stay comfortable in the evenings.

2) Plan for the Florida Sun & Heat - On the other end of the spectrum, it gets HOT in Orlando! A chilly towel or small portable fan can keep you cool. Also bring your own sunscreen and hat to keep having fun in the sun longer! Make sure to stay hydrated and bring water bottles into the park with you. Even better, take an afternoon break and go back to your resort for some pool time after lunch.

3) Choose Shoes Wisely - After all the great snacks & meals you’ll have on your trip, you will definitely burn all those calories walking around the parks! We certainly recommend bringing comfy shoes that are already broken in, and try to avoid bringing a brand new pair. Pack at least two different pairs if you can, in case one pair gets wet. Also, bring adhesive moleskin pads in case of blisters or discomfort.

4) Portable Chargers are a Must - There are so many photo opportunities around every corner in Walt Disney World®. Be sure to bring at least one portable charger for your phone and any other devices you’ll have with you for the day. An the My Disney Experience App will be your lifeline in the park for all of your FastPass & Dining Reservations, Memory Maker pictures, park maps, showtimes, park hours, etc - you will be using it often. Don’t be stuck at the park with a dead phone! (Extra tip: Take a screen shot of your FastPass & Dining Reservation times to avoid opening the app & save battery life!)

5) Snacks! - There is always someone that is hungry halfway through the line. Pack granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, etc. to always have something on hand. (Extra Tip: Need to use up extra snack credits? Grab an extra to-go item at breakfast to eat later in the park!) Just remember, if you forget anything there are always options to get what you need on Disney property or even have it delivered to your room via AmazonFresh or other delivery services.


more packing ideas and our FREE downloadable packing link :

You are going to have such a great time!

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