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Door Decorating on Disney Cruise Line

Welcome Aboard, Disney Cruisers! On your first Disney Cruise, you may notice that many other cruisers have decorated their stateroom doors as you walk through the corridors around the ship. This is a very popular practice on all Disney Cruise’s and you will quickly see the creativity that other cruiser’s bring to this cruising tradition. While decorating is certainly not required, it can be so much fun! Why would you want to decorate a door? Well for one, its a unique opportunity to bring your own signature and creativity to your family’s vacation. But it can have a practical purpose too, you can always be sure you have the correct stateroom. This can be helpful to your kids as well. I know during the first couple days of a cruise, I’ve managed to get mixed up and get turned around in the sea of stateroom decks!

The stateroom doors on all four ships are magnetic, with the exception of concierge-level ​

​rooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. This makes them the perfect canvas for quick decorating and personalization for your whole party. Now, for safety reasons and to avoid any damages to Disney property, there are some limits to what you can and cannot put on your door. Disney does have some guidelines , including; no over-the-door hanging organizers, no adhesives, tape or glues - including removable adhesives. Avoid these items, stick to using only magnets, and you’ll be golden.

When my family and I go on a Disney Cruise, door decorating is always a must-do part of our trip planning. And we get new ideas with every cruise we take so we keep adding more! Planning ahead is the best way to let your creativity soar & let your family’s door shine.

If you’re feeling crafty, get yourself some card stock, laminate sheets, magnets and fire up your printer. Make it a family event to help your kids get excited for your cruise and have them join in too!

Here are some decoration ideas to help you start planning:

- Tell everyone where you’re from with themes from your hometown such as: sports teams, flags, pictures, etc.

- Going on a themed cruise, such as Star Wars Day ? Decorate with your favorite Star Wars characters!

- Put everyone’s names on the door and personalize them in some way to each person, such astheir favorite Disney characters.

- Make magnetic Mickey Ears for your stateroom number porthole.

- Print your favorite pictures of your family from previous Disney vacations.

- Get a magnetic dry erase board to share notes every day. This can be especially useful if your group is splitting up for different activities.

Search online for even more ideas, Pinerest has TONS! There are always new ideas and the possibilities really are endless!

For some more information about door decorating on Disney Cruise Line, check out the Disney Mom’s Panel blog here .

Have you decorated your doors on Disney Cruise Line before? We want to see! Share your favorite door decorations with us!

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