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What is a FastPass?

Have you ever seen a long line and wish you could bypass it? That's exactly what a FastPass allows you to do. If the line for Space Mountain is 60 minutes and you have a FastPass for it you can go into the FastPass queue and the wait normally is around 5-10 minutes. Sounds good, right? I'm sure your next question is "But how much does it cost?" I'm happy to tell you it's FREE! The way FastPasses work is a bit different at Walt Disney World vs. Disneyland. So let's start with Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World

Each guest gets three FastPasses per day that they can pre-schedule. You can book your Fastpasses 60 prior to your arrival date if you are staying on property (30 days prior if you are staying off property). If you have not already signed into, please do! You can link your reservation there and begin to personalize your vacation. If you are interested in my recommendations for what to FastPass you can find them here,

Once you have used your three FastPasses you can go onto the My Disney Experience app and book another, and after you have used that, you can book another, and so on. It is recommend you make your selection as soon as your 60 days opens. It is also recommend scheduling your FastPasses starting around 11am at each park. Prior to 11am the lines are not generally as long - the park tends to start getting busy around 11am and that's the perfect time to start bypassing the lines.


Disneyland is a bit different, there is no booking FastPasses prior to your stay. Once you get to the park there are two ways to get FastPasses. First, you can go to the attraction's FastPass distribution to pick them up. This is located near the attraction. There you will need all of your park tickets to insert into the machine to then receive your paper FastPasses. Disney has also introduced MaxPass, an add-on you can purchase for $10 per person per day. This allows you to schedule one FastPass at a time through the Disneyland app. Also included is Photopass, so you get all the digital copies of the photos that were taken on the attractions or by a Disney photographer.

Universal Studios

I want to mention Universal Studios since we also plan Universal vacations. At the Universal park they have two options to bypass the regular lines but Universal does charge for this extra. Universal Express Unlimited allows you to skip the regular lines as many time as you would like on participating attractions (not all attractions are included). The Universal Express Pass allows you to skip the line one time per participating attraction. The cost of these passes range from $60-90 per person.

Shameless Plug

Strategically scheduling your FastPasses can significantly impact your time at the parks. Knowing what to FastPass and when so you

are maximizing your time and not crossing the park is important. And that's why we are here! We can help you identify the attractions that will be of most interest to your family and help you lay out your day.

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