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FastPasses at Disneyland - MaxPass

Let’s talk FastPasses at Disneyland! Actually let’s back-up and tell you what a FastPass is. It is a pass that admits you to the FastPass line vs. the regular line. The typical wait in the FastPass line is 5-10 minutes so it saves you time! For those of you who visit Walt Disney World, Disneyland FastPasses are a bit different. FastPasses at Disneyland are available on a first-come, first-served basis so you can not schedule FastPasses anytime you want, you only can select them for the time that they are distributing and they do this chronologically, meaning at park opening all the attraction FastPasses are for 9AM and depending on demand times either go fast or slow. If you want a later time for an attraction you need to wait to book it until that time comes up. You will see that the return times are an hour window and you can return anytime within that hour.

Two Ways to Obtain FastPasses

You can obtain FastPasses at Disneyland two different ways. First you can go to the FastPass distribution area of a specific attraction (most of the time they are by the attraction but not always - check your map!). Obtaining FastPasses this way is free. The other way to book FastPasses at Disneyland is to purchase MaxPass ($10 per person per day). This allows you to make FastPasses through the mobile app saving you from having to walk to the FastPass distribution kiosks. And if you have Park Hopper tickets it even allows you to make FastPasses for either park, so if you are in Disneyland but know you are going to Disney California Adventure later, you can make FastPasses for that park while you are in Disneyland. Also with MaxPass you get Disney PhotoPass that captures all the photos from Disney PhotoPass Photographers and Magic Shots - attraction photos. In my opinion the MaxPass is well worth the price.

How to Purchase MaxPass

Make sure you have downloaded the Disneyland app prior to your stay. To purchase MaxPass you will need the tickets you used to enter the park for the day. When you are in the app you will see the FastPass logo and it says "Get FASTPASS with Disney Max Pass". You will add all of your party and then scan their tickets, you will be prompted. Then you are set to schedule FastPasses and take advantage of PhotoPass!

Tips for scheduling FastPasses

After you use your FastPass you will be able to book another one. If the return time is more than 90 minutes after you

have booked it you will be able to book another FastPass at the 90 minute mark. Then every 90 minutes you will be able to book another.

Now if you are using MaxPass remember that you will not be able to use the paper FastPasses that are handed out at the attraction. The one exception to this is the World of Color and Fantasmic shows, you only can obtain FastPasses using the paper ticket distribution.

MaxPass is a great value and a big time saver especially for those with Park Hoppers. Let us know if you have questions or if here are any other topics you would like us to cover!

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