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You're Never Too Young to Experience the Magic

The sights, the sounds, the smells . . . there is so much to take in, even when you are itty bitty. Whether you just had your first, or just added another little one to your family, Disney has made vacationing with a baby easy. And after all, having a new baby can be tiring and you need a vacation! There are two destinations that really cater to the needs of a young family, Walt Disney World in Florida and Disney Cruise Line. I will be focusing on Walt Disney World in this article but be on the look out for an article just dedicated to Disney Cruise Line in the coming months!

I don’t have to bring what?!

Babies need lots of things: diapers, carseats, strollers, and on and on. What if I told you that you didn’t need to bring one of the big ones with you? It would make it easier, right? One of my favorite things about traveling to Walt Disney with a baby is that you don’t have to bring a car seat if you fly and stay on Disney property! Once you arrive at the Orlando International Airport you take Disney’s Magical Express, complementary transportation, to your resort. Disney’s Magical Express is a coach bus and you actually can’t use a car seat on it. Then, once you are at the resort there are buses, boats and monorails that take you to all the parks, water parks and Downtown Disney and yes, you guest it, no car seat necessary! That’s one heavy item off the list!

One Stop Shop

Another wonderful resource are the Baby Care Centers within all 4 theme parks. In each there are private nursing rooms with rocking chairs, changing tables, a kitchen with a microwave, and a small shop that offers formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen and over-the-counter medications. They also have a television, chairs and a sofa if the rest of the family needs a little down time too! They are all tucked away in a quiet corner of the park and provides you a peaceful, cool place if you need one.

Once in a life time

A very special opportunity exists just inside the gates of the Magic Kingdom on Main Street USA. Between the Firehouse and the Emporium sits Harmony Barber Shop, where your baby can get their first haircut, complete with commemorative Mickey Ears! You may even experience the talents of the Dapper Dans, Disney’s very own barbershop quartet. You can make reservations in advance for this experience and I recommend doing so. They are a busy barber shop!

I want to ride too!

So what do you do - you have a baby who obviously can’t ride some of the rides that have height requirements but you have a 5 year old who really wants to go on Splash Mountain. If you are visiting with two parents, does one just get to go? Disney knows this problem and has a solution that hopefully satisfies everyone. It’s called Rider Switch or Rider swap. One adult can wait with the non-rider while the rest of the party experiences the attraction. The waiting adult can then board the attraction without having to wait in the regular line again when another adult in the party returns to supervise the child or children who do not ride—either because they do not meet the height requirement or simply do not wish to ride.

There’s even more . . .

In my next post I will cover some of the other services and places perfect for babies, and little ones. From quiet places for naps to what is the best stroller for the parks. If you have any questions for me please feel free to email me!

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