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How Does Rider Switch Work?

If you are taking young children to the park rider switch/swap is super helpful! If you have children that don't meet the height requirement, you don't have to worry about missing out. This is a service that allows someone in your party to stay with your smaller children, while allowing everyone else in your party rides the attraction. Then the adult who waited with the little ones can go through the FastPass line with another guest from your party. Rider Switch can also be used if your child meets the height requirements of the attraction, but perhaps they just don’t want to or can’t ride for any reason.

Wondering how exactly this would work? Let’s take closer a look at the process.

For an example, let’s say you are in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the day with your family of 4: you, your husband and two children, ages 2 and 9. Your husband, your 9 year old & you want to ride Tower of Terror, but someone needs to stay with the two year old because they don’t meet the height requirements of the ride. Rider Switch is a great option to allow everyone the chance to ride and save your family time for more fun!

So, you’ve decided that you & your 9 year old will ride first. Take your whole party to the front of the queue line at Tower of Terror and ask the Cast Member there for a Rider Switch pass. Your husband has agreed to wait first with your little one (with the promise of getting a Mickey Bar, obviously!)

The Cast Member will scan the MagicBand of your husband who is waiting along with your 9 year old (because they want to ride together too!) . A time will be assigned for when they can ride. Then you go in with your 9 year old and ride. Everyone who wants to ride gets a chance to & your family can still make the next Indiana Jones™ Epic Stunt Spectacular! show or ride another attraction.

A trip to the park with little ones is now an advantage for your family! Nobody has to miss riding their favorite attractions if they don’t want to. Disney really has thought of everything!

See Jolene’s rundown of Rider Switch on our YouTube Channel. In the video she talks about receiving a pass that you take through the line but this has been replace and now they just scan your MagicBand and put the information on there. Be sure to subscribe for more goMagic tips & tricks!

For full details about Rider Switch at Walt Disney World® & to see all the current attractions that offer this service, please go to:

For current height requirements of Walt Disney World® Rides, please go to:

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